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radio disc jockey, WUVT 90.7 booking agent, genre denier, one day bands

LIVE MUSIC SHOWS (2015-2017)

i've been booking bands for shows since late 2015-- some by myself, some for WUVT, some for the metaphysical hotline. below is a slideshow of a few of the shows i've booked over the years.

ONE DAY BAND (2014-2017)

in the late hours of my senior year of high school, i decided to start a concept band for one day, comprised of solely drumset and harmonica. afterwards, i continued making one day bands, realizing how fun it is to start a band with no possibility of a future.


- "SATAN'S FINGERPIANO", semi joke of a band I am currently in

- ambient scores for films, you can hear some of my work here

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