I N I T I A T I V E S 


whenever i was living in edinburgh i spent a lot of time at a cafe known as the forest cafe-- it was a non-profit, volunteer-run space that was dedicated to supporting community needs and the arts. i've never been to a place nearly as moving as the forest, and felt that a such a space could thrive in the New River Valley area. a few friends and i thus started the Future Economy Collective, a nonprofit dedicated to creating collaborative spaces based upon community based skill sharing, harm reduction, and collective education. we are currently working on a space called "LAGOON" to tentatively open in Blacksburg, VA in SPRING/SUMMER 2020.

if you have any questions/comments about this project, feel free to contact us at futureeconomycollective@gmail.com.

our website is futureeconomycollective.org!


an online group designed in order to lower food waste in the NRV area-- it helps connect people with food they may want or need. non-perishable items that i collect are donated to a local food bank. i'm hoping to find a physical space for food drop-offs soon.


my sweet-ass lincoln mercury station wagon ended up on the verge of death, and i wanted to do something to solidify the sentiment it had to me-- i asked some friends to collect items that they were sentimental about and i made this shadowbox car museum (carseum) showcasing their objects.

a few weeks later i realized that i wanted to keep doing carseum-- the idea of being able to showcase objects in a low-cost rented public space (parking spot) seemed like something that anyone with a car could be able to do. therefore i started a facebook page in order to post where other people's carseums are, as well as provide them with the sign, lighting, and mounting suppies if needed.